Other fun events

Torevents organizes a number of other recurring parties and events, including:

Every Sunday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. we organize Revive at the swimming pool of Torarica Resort. Get together at the most popular swimming pool in Suriname and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, signature cocktails, delicious finger food and music from the best local DJs.

Are you looking forward to a leisurely Sunday and do you want to recharge your batteries before the new week starts? Then Revive is the ideal event to go to. Take your children with you too. While you enjoy music, cocktails and delicious food, they can enjoy themselves in the swimming pool. Come and join us every Sunday!

T.U.F. (Torarica Urban Festival)
T.U.F. is the place to be in December. It is the biggest, best and most popular festival of TorEvents and Suriname. It is annually organized on the 27th of December. Everyone talks about this festival long in advance and long afterwards. If you never attended T.U.F., there is no way that you really have got to know Suriname!

T.U.F. has the best line-up of December. Visitors from the Netherlands, Curaçao, Aruba, French Guiana, and Guyana travel to Suriname to attend this event. Tickets for the festival are exclusively available at Torarica Resort. Make sure you buy them well ahead of the festival since the tickets are sold out well in advance. During the festival, there are a number of VIP tables and bracelets available, offering you the best and most complete VIP experience in Suriname. The event is one you will never forget, make sure you don’t miss it!

During T.U.F. the best local and international artists and DJs take the stage. There is no party in Suriname in December with a better line-up. The following artists took the stage at previous editions: Beenie Man (Jamaica), Stefflon Don (UK), Josylvio (NL), Broederliefde (NL), Gyptian (Jamaica), SFB (NL), Ronnie Flex (NL), Jackson Blai (SU), and many more...

There is also a highly sought-after T.U.F merchandise available, including the Official T.U.F. Mixtape, T.U.F. Hats, T.U.F. Glow in the dark sticks and plenty of other fun items.

The name says it all "Yusu", in other words “We are serious”. What once started as a New Year’s party for our guests on December 31, we now reached the point where we have to keep people out because the maximum capacity of the location has been reached. The Pool Terrace of Torarica Resort is the location of this party and the concept is very simple: Eating, Drinking & Dancing! Every year the guests are spoiled with delicious snacks prepared by our chefs and performances of various DJs and artists till the early morning of the new year. The unique warmth and casual atmosphere you will find nowhere else in Paramaribo,  this makes "Yusu" the ideal place to

Be with friends and family. New year's eve is nowhere more fun than with us.

We share the best with you!

Are You Thirsty?
Are You Thirsty is the most popular event in Suriname, for which you can register in advance through our online registration system. The entrance is free. Due to the popularity of Thirsty, it is highly recommended to register in advance. During the event, there are a number of VIP tables available, offering you complete packages at the best prices. Thirsty is an amazing and unforgettable 18+ party.

Our events have unique and exciting themes with corresponding dress codes, cocktails and candy girls & boys who have dressed accordingly and welcome and greet you at our fun photo booth entrance. The themes at Thirsty include: Welcome to Wakanda (Black Panther theme), Touch of Glitter (Glitter & Glamour theme) and Are You Thirsty XL - (Thirsty, only bigger & better).

Are You Thirsty offers a line-up of the best local and international artists and DJs, including: Jayh Jawson (NL), Zefanio (NL), Tabitha (NL), DJ Zerodix (NL), DJ Andy Safado (SU), DJ Gilly Gonzales (SU), DJ Stiekz (NL), DJ Chucky (International), and many more. From every edition of Are You Thirsty, there is also a very popular Thirsty Mixtape available with the best music composed by the DJs from Thirsty. There is no better way to party at home! 

FATU Festival
Fatu Festival is the most colorful event that is organized by TorEvents. During the festival, it's all about having fun and enjoying life. The festival lives up to its name: ‘Fatu’ is a Surinamese word which means having fun.

Tickets for Fatu Festival are exclusively available at Torarica Resort. VIP tables and wristband are available upon request.

At TorEvents you enjoy the best line-up of international and local DJs and artists. During the previous editions, the following DJs and artists took the stage: Young Ellens (NL), Adje (NL), Idaly (NL), Psycho (SU), DJ Archa (SU), and many more…

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