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TorEvents offers entertainment for everyone.

Jazz music, a colorful festival or a party with famous artists and DJs; at The Torarica Group we offer it all.

Events and Entertainment at Torarica Group

When you’re thinking of Suriname, what are the first things that come to mind? The tropical temperatures, good food, the mangrove forests, and the rich culture? Surely, but you’ll probably think about the Surinamese party scene as well. If you stroll through the heart of the capital Paramaribo, it’s difficult not to stumble onto the popular cafes, bars and nightclubs. The 3 beautiful hotels of Torarica Group can be found right in the middle of this bustling entertainment area.

The Torarica Group offers a range of entertainment concepts. Do you enjoy an evening out listening to jazz music, do you love to dance or are you interested in parties with performances of local and international artists? At Torarica Group we offer it all!


Since 2017, TorEvents is the umbrella organization responsible for all parties and events of the Torarica Group. This step allowed us to further expand our party concepts. We are proud to say that since then we’ve become trendsetters when it comes to high-quality and innovative events. We organize all parties and events with great attention and care and let you enjoy local and international artists and DJs that put on a spectacular show. We’ll make sure that these are evenings to remember!

At TorEvents, exclusivity and appearance are the magic words. During the parties that we organize, there is always something that makes the event extra special. During our events, VIP guests enjoy an ultimate VIP experience with exclusive snacks, VIP bottle service and personal attention from our staff. We will do everything in our power to organize an evening that you will never forget!

Copa & Chill

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